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Examples of previous donation partners

  • Stopfiningeu E.V.

    Stopfiningeu E.V. is the non-profit club behind the European Citizen Initiative Stop Finning - Stop The Trade. The aim is to move the EU with 1 million votes, to expand "FINS Naturally Attached" Regulation (EU No. 605/2013) on the export, import and transit of sharks and skates and finally end trading with Haifin .
  • One Earth, One Ocean e.V.

    The environmental organisation One Earth, One Ocean e.V. (oeoo) is concerned with environmental protection, in particular water and coastal protection. It has set itself the goal of developing and implementing a concept for how to free water from plastic waste worldwide, but also oil and pollutants.

  • Live with Water

    Viva con Agua supports water projects with the vision "WASSER FÜR ALLE-ALLE FÜR WASSER!". In addition to the air to breathe, water is the foundation of all life and a central human right. Viva con Agua is pursuing the vision that all people will have access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation.
  • Paulinchen - Initiative for brand injured children E.V.

    Paulinchen - Initiative for brand injured children E.V. Accompanied since 1993 nationwide families with fire injured children and adolescents after the accident. The goal is to reach the best possible supply for each fire-violated child!
  • Society for the Rescue of the Dolphins (GRD)

    The company for rescuing the dolphins e.V. (GRD) is committed to various projects, such as protecting dolphins worldwide, saving ghost nets, protecting habitats and stopping extinction.
  • Seafor

    Seaforester aims to reverse the alarming disappearance of algae forests in the world to secure the important role of the oceans in carbon binding, to get fish stocks and secure the well-being of the planet.