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One Earth, One Ocean e.V.

One Earth, One Ocean e.V.


The problem ="Marine Littering"

Marine Littering "The pollution of the world's seas, rivers and lakes endangers the living organisms and is one of the greatest challenges for our global society. Estimated 150 million tons of plastic are already in our world's seas, more than te n million tonnes are added each year. esmulls have their origin on land, about three quarters of them are made of plastic. As pollution progresses at the current rate, the seas will be completely covered in a few years. Current UN studies suggest that up to the 2050's more plastic parts should swim in our seas than fish.

Already today, the largest of these, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific, is already the size of Central Europe, i.e. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Hungary and the Czech Republic.


With Maritime Trash, One Earth, One Ocean e.V. (oeoo) has developed a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to the collection and sustainable use of marine litter. oeoo thus demonstrates an already tried and tested approach to one of the biggest global environmental problems. Because plastic waste from the sea is a valuable resource.

The concept envisages collecting plastics with special waste collectors in coastal areas and estuaries, sorting and processing them in a variety of ways. In addition to pure plastic balls, which can be recycled again, energy and fuel are to be extracted from the plastic waste at a later date. and.

Maritime garbage disposal comprises two ships of different sizes, the sea hamster for use in inland waters, as well as the sea cow in coastal regions on the seas, which collect plastic waste independently from the waters in a few years, partly fully automatic and powered by modern wind and solar technologies. Plastic waste at sea is eventually taken to the waste ship SeeElefant and recycled there or converted into sulphur-free heating oil.

What One Earth does One Ocean e.V.

The environmental organisation One Earth, One Ocean e.V. (oeoo) is concerned with environmental protection, in particular water and coastal protection.

It has set itself the goal of developing and implementing a concept for how to free water from plastic waste worldwide, but also oil and pollutants.

In the multi-stage concept of "Maritime Trash Collection", plastic waste is collected by special garbage collectors and then recycled or converted into oil. Thus, about 800 litres of oil could be recovered from a tonne of pre-sorted plastic waste.

In addition, the association engages nationally and internationally in the fields of oil purification, microplastics, as well as in research, education and documentation on marine littering in order to achieve a change in the behaviour of people in the medium to long term in relation to (plastic) waste.

2013 was awarded OEOO for the concept of marine waste disposal with the renowned GreenTec Award, Europe's largest environmental and economic award. 2016 followed the nomination for the Federal Ecodesign Award, the highest award for ecological design in Germany.

Further information about the donation partner "One Ocean e.V. can be found at the following link: www.oneearth-oneocean.com/

Do you have any questions about this organization? spenden[at]giveback-cosmetics.de

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