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Paulinchen - Initiative for brand injured children E.V.

Paulinchen - Initiative for brand injured children E.V.


A burn injury remains on the skin and in the soul.

A short moment is enough and it happened. A combustion or scalding in childhood is one of the most common causes of accidents in children under 5 years. For many families, a long process follows from pain, operations, rehabilitation, scarring corrections and psychological work-up.

Every year more than 30,000 children are dealt with in Germany for burns and scalding. Of these, almost 7,500 children and adolescents are so seriously injured that they must be treated inpatient. Such an accident changes the life of the whole family abruptly.

Paulinchen - Initiative for brand injured children E.V.

Accompanied since 1993 nationwide families with fire injured children and adolescents after the accident. The large competence network enables An ideal and individual treatment and advice. In addition to the free telephone consultation about the Hotline 0800 0 112 123 Supports Paulinchen families with fire injured children for events such as the Paulinchen seminar or youth weekend and promotes personal exchange of experience among the families and with expert. Our goal is to reach the best possible supply for every fire-violated child! The Paulinchen office has the seat in Norderstedt and controls with six full-time active and many volunteers nationwide projects for families with a fire-injured child and in prevention.

Caution accident risk!

Only those who knows the dangers can protect their child before. Prevention is an important concern of Paulinchen E.V. to preserve children from the momentous accidents. Experts estimate that about 60% of all accidents can be avoided by education. With various prevention campaigns, Paulinchen E.V warns in front of the dangers due to hot liquids, surfaces, fire, electricity, acids and firecrackers. For this purpose, the club is based on the nation of each year on December 7th "Day of the fire-injured child" the end.

Further information about the association "Paulinchen E.V." can be found under the following link: www.paulinchen.de

Do you have any questions about this organization? Write us a mail at: donate [at] giveback-cosmetics.de

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