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Stopfiningeu E.V.

Stopfiningeu E.V.


Stop Finning - the claim

Every year, between 63 and 273 million sharks are killed by commercial fisheries, with the dark figure being significantly higher. Since sharks as "Top Predators" regulate the fragile ecosystem of our seas, their eradication has devastating consequences: Seas without sharks are more susceptible to climate change and their ecosystem can collapse. Since oceans produce half of our oxygen, then we would be in danger. HAIA will be hunted worldwide especially because of their fins, which are sold in the form of Haifoles soup with up to 90 €. An extremely lucrative business with huge profit margins at the expense of sharks!

The fins are often gained in a cruel way by "Finning", which means that the sharks z. T. alive the fins are cut off. Your body, worthless compared to the fins are thrown overboard. Without fins, the sharks are sinking on the seabed, where they suffocate, bleed or eaten alive. This finishing shop is also served from Europe.

A shameful record

EU countries are among the world market leaders of this bloody business: in Spain alone, in 2016, 29,000 tonnes of bluhai (about 1 million animals) were officially ended. Despite increasing threat, for example, the entire Quantity Almost doubled at Blauhai in the Atlantic over the beginning of the millennium. In addition, heavily endangered Haiarten, such as the short finsmako and the Heringshai, are also fished in Europe. Although the separation of fins aboard EU ships and in EU waters has been banned since 2013, and sharks must be banned with natural fins, the EU is one of the largest exporters of fins and is a significant transit node for global trade in fins.

How to help the sharks

Since only a few inspections take place at sea, finches are still illegally retained, reloaded or landed in the EU.

STOPFININGEU E.V. Want to end trading with fins in the EU, including the insertion and transition from fins, which are not naturally located on the body of the animal.

Therefore, the "FINS Naturally Attached" ordinance in the European Union must also on the Export, import and transit be expanded by sharks and skates. To achieve this goal, they rely on each vote. If you want to help the sharks and want to be active, STOPFININGEU E.V will be happy if you sign the initiative, share with your environment or maybe even become a member!

Sign the initiative of Stopfiningeu E.V. Now: www.stop-finning.eu

What makes Stopfiningeu E.V.

Stopfiningeu E.V. is the non-profit club behind the European Citizen Initiative Stop Finning - Stop The Trade. The aim is to move the EU with 1 million votes, to expand "FINS Naturally Attached" Regulation (EU No. 605/2013) on the export, import and transit of sharks and skates and finally end trading with Haifin .

Further information about the donation partner "Stopfiningeu E.V." can be found under the following link: www.stop-finning.eu

Do you have any questions about this organization? Write us a mail at: donate [at] giveback-cosmetics.de

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