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Live with Water

Why water?

Water is life. Clean drinking water improves and protects health, gives children the opportunity to go to school permanently, empowers women, strengthens the local economy, and allows for a better future. However, many people around the world do not have secure access to this precious commodity.

WATER: 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have safe access to clean drinking water. Of this, some 579 million people lack access to any drinking water infrastructure.

SANITATION: 4.2 billion people worldwide have no secured access to sanitation. Some 2 billion people do not even have access to a basic sanitation service.

HYGIENE: 3 billion people worldwide do not have secure access to hygiene facilities.

Access to clean drinking water is changing everything:

#1 Health:

Diseases caused by polluted water are responsible for more deaths than all forms of violence, including wars.

Access to water must be secured, and the water that has been extracted must be clean and remain clean. This is also made possible in holistic projects, especially through measures to provide sanitation and hygiene.

#2 Time:

On the African continent alone, women need 40 million hours a year to get water.

Without water connection in your own house, water fetch is time-consuming. In particular, women gain time through a well near time, which can be used for self-determined tasks.

#3 Education:

Access to clean drinking water helps to keep children in school longer, especially girls.

Lack of water access is a reason to stay away from school. On the other hand, girls in particular benefit from holistic projects which, in addition to water, also think of sanitary and hygiene components (WASH). Because otherwise, the first menstruation is a widespread reason not to attend school.

#4 Female Empowerment:

Access to clean drinking water enables women and girls to enjoy more freedom. The time gained can be used in a targeted manner: they can go to school, start their own businesses and have more influence on their own future.

What makes Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua supports water projects with the vision "WASSER FÜR ALLE-ALLE FÜR WASSER!". In addition to the air to breathe, water is the foundation of all life and a central human right. Viva con Agua is pursuing the vision that all people will have access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation. 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have safe access to clean drinking water. Of this, some 785 million people are even missing the basic supply of drinking water.

We are convinced that the vision of Viva con Agua is not a utopia, and that it is still a reality within our generation. This is the goal of Viva con Agua and is the basis of her actions!

Through joyful actions, Viva con Agua generates money, which eventually flows into WASH projects in more and more Viva con Agua countries. WASH stands for water, sanitation and hygiene and thus improves the living conditions of many people in the long term. GIVE BACK Cosmetics is pleased to be a part of it.

You can find more information about the donation partner "Viva con Agua" at the following link: www.vivaconagua.org

Do you have any questions about this organisation? Write us an email at: donations [ at]giveback-cosmetics.de

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