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Action #GuckLabel

Where do your beauty products come from?

Many consumers still do not know enough about the products they buy daily. In the food industry, it is usually common that the consumer looks closely where and how something has been produced, and then more and more often hits his purchase decision.

For a sustainable economy, it is all the more important that we pay attention to where our products are made and how this production looks exactly.

Unfortunately, this does not arrive in the cosmetic industry. Many large companies still produce even today under poor working conditions abroad, only the end product becomes cheaper.

Therefore, we would like to use our Action Hashtag #GuckLabel to access more consciousness in the cosmetics purchase. We will play this hashtag at Instagram & in other social media channels to make aware of it.

Sustainability means also means buying any products from cheap production countries. Pay attention to it and looks at the back of the packaging and make you smart, where a product is made.

Inform you!

Now the following is best: If you buy the next time the drug chain of your choice of products, look at the manufacturing info on the back ("label"). If there are cheap production countries such as China or Korea, a screenshot of it posts Instagram with the Hashtag #GuckLabel. You will be amazed what you will find there ...