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Eye patches from dm & Co. Why are these so affordable?

In the drugstore around the corner there is a large selection of eye patches, usually only a few Euros. What is the difference to our products? On the basis of various aspects of the topic we try to show you the differences and to explain the reasons.


Origin: cheap cosmetics often made in China or Korea

We have nothing against these countries in general. The reason why companies and corporations produce or buy goods there is usually simple: a very cheap purchase price. But how does it come about? In Asia, and especially in China and Korea, people's wages are significantly lower, they earn much less for their work than we do. The working conditions in these countries are also often a problem: there is work in decommissioned factories without fire protection, and there is little social security for workers.

All of these, however, are the reasons why the end product will ultimately be so advantageous to the drug market.

Do the test yourself and look at the back of the eye patches in the drugstore market. There you must always find the country of origin in Germany. Most of the time you will find the words "made in China" or "made in Korea". Very tricky companies also use the abbreviation "PRC" "This stands for"Public Republic of China"and is an attempt not to tell consumers directly that the product comes from China.

It is clear to us that we are against this kind of'cheap production'. "abroad, and therefore our products are all manufactured in Germany. Here employees are paid significantly better, are socially insured and insured in case of illness. Similarly, products that we produce in Germany are more sustainable and better for the environment. But it's worth it to all of us!


The material: Hydrogel

The cheaper products from the drugstore are very oft en eye patches from so-called "hydrogel". Hydrogel stands for a material consisting of almost 90% water and a component that keeps the water in solid form.

According to studies, the hydrogel itself cannot release active substances to the skin itself. The only active substance that works in the favorable hydrogel eye patches is the associated hyaluronic acid, which is oft en only in small quantities and of equally low quality.


The old saying'quality unfortunately costs'is also more topical today than ever.

Many companies in countries such as China, South Korea or Taiwan can produce cheaply. However, the quality of the products oft en remains on track. Therefore, we recommend putting on high quality products and turning your back on the cheap goods. Your skin & the environment will thank you!