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sustainable production

Unlike individual drug chains, which put a greater value for a low purchasing price for profit maximization, we are very clear for sustainability and highest quality with our Give Back Cosmetics Eyepads and of course all other articles. Our claim to a high-quality and just as fair manufacturing has the question of how we want to make our products and what strategy we want to pursue with shopping and selling prices, to a simple result: our products are all "made in Germany" and we produce Not in low-wage countries such as China or Korea, where labor costs are well below the average of other states. Strongly criticizing is the lack of workers' rights or protective measures. Anyway already priority social problem can usually increase even in the medium term, as well as lack of appropriate regulations for environmental protection.

Other eyepads made, for example, in factories in China, can not be put on a level in most cases with the quality of Give Back Cosmetics. Our substrate does not consists of cheap-produced hydrogel, which consists of about 90% only from water, but of highly effective and natural algae extract. You can smell the sea salt and the freshness practically!

In addition, all our products are in dermatological and clinical tests of natural scientists of the institute dermatest © as "very good" been evaluated. The hyaluronic acid, which we in our Eyepad and Mask use is from ECOCERT COSMOS © Certified and deployed by our method of instant activation (impressions of the hyaluron reservoir) your full effect shortly before the application.