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THE GIVE BACK UG (Limited Liability) /GIVE BACK Cosmetics


The organiser of the game is GIVE BACK UG (limited liability); Heinrich-Kock-Weg 5, 22529 Hamburg. The website of GIVE BACK UG (limited liability) can be found at: http://www.giveback-cosmetics.de. The participant agrees to the following conditions of participation.
GIVE BACK UG (limited liability) reserves the right to cancel the redemption in whole or in part (e.g. for certain profits or special expenses). This shall apply in particular where the redemption cannot be carried out on a scheduled basis, such as in the case of computer viruses, software and/or hardware failures and/or for other technical and/or legal reasons, including in the case of manipulation or manipulation attempts which the administration, security, affect the integrity and/or regular and proper execution of the draw.

GIVE BACK UG (limited to liability) collects the data and uses this data to be able to contact you in case of a win of the lost prizes.

The participant declares that he/she has all copyrights and other rights to the photos submitted and that the persons depicted agree to the publication. If the participant breaches his obligations under these conditions or, contrary to this declaration, does not have all the rights to the content submitted or if the persons depicted do not agree with the publication, he shall assign the GIVE BACK UG (limited liability) completely free of all third party claims. The participant shall not have the right to publish the content transmitted.

GIVE BACK UG (limited to liability) will delete the data as soon as the winning game/draw has been completed and the winnings have been terminated by drawing and sending the winnings or cancelled under the above conditions. Your rights with regard to the Privacy Statement shall remain unaffected. A subscription to the newsletter is unaffected. Where it is possible to unsubscribe from the same at any time.
Protection of privacy

GIVE BACK UG (limited liability) undertakes to protect the privacy of the participants and assures them to process the data in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, the Telemedia Act and the European Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC).
Withdrawal of data

Participants may withdraw the consent given to the processing of the data at any time. They also have the rights to information and correction guaranteed by the Federal Data Protection Act in respect of the data collected.

Those rights shall be exercised by means of a postal message and by electronic mail to:

GIVE BACK UG (limited liability)
Heinrich-Kock-Weg 5
22529 Hamburg

In period 28. up to 10.07.2020 a product set consisting of three products in the VK value of 102 to the Instagram profile of GIVE BACK Cosmetics/ the GIVE BACK UG (limited liability) is praised.

How can you win?

You can participate in the game by commenting or sharing. Details can be found in the respective post.

Who can participate?

Participation shall be open to any natural person from a minimum age of 18-year-old who, at the time of participation, has his permanent residence in the European Union/Germany.

Participation and profit opportunities in no way depend on the acquisition of goods or on the use of any of the services of GIVE BACK UG (limited to liability) or other undertakings, whether for remuneration or free of charge.

Who is not allowed to participate?

The GIVE BACK UG (limited liability) is entitled to exclude participants from participation in the competition without prior notice if they manipulate the competition, in particular its participation process, or try and/or culpably violate the participation rules. In particular, the following attempts to manipulate justify an exclusion:

The application via a provider whose business purpose is, among other things, in the manipulation of profit games
Participation in competitions, as well as competitions
Also excluded from the participation in the competition are employees of the GIVE BACK UG (limited liability), their relatives, as well as legal representatives. The legal path is excluded.

When does the competition take place?

The winning game period is 28. until 10.7.2020.
When and how will it be done?

After the end of the individual post-calls, the winners among the participants will be drawn out using the lottery procedure, with the exclusion of the public.
How do you learn about his profit?

The winners will be informed by a Directmessage on Instagram about their profit.
How does the winner get his winning prize?

The winning price will be sent by post. For this, the postal address of the subscriber is interrogated.
When does the profit fall?

After notification to the winner about the winner, the participant must return to the GIVE BACK UG (limited liability) within 48h hours and submit his/her address to the winner. If this does not do so, the winnings will be lost and another winner will be eased.
Clearance Cancel

The GIVE BACK UG (limited liability) reserves the right to cancel the raffle in whole or in part (for example, for certain profits or special draw). This applies in particular if the draw cannot proceed as planned, for example in the event of computer viruses occurring, in the case of errors in the software and/or hardware and/or for other technical and/or legal reasons, this also applies in the case of manipulations or manipulation attempts which influence the administration, the security, the integrity and/or the regular and orderly execution of the draw.