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About us

Small startup - big effect

We as the founder personally have a claim to today's economy, which we have not met with many companies, especially in the great corporations in today's time. Mostly it is only about "Shareholder Value" and no longer to real, constant values. Often only then decided what is cheaper in production than watching, which might be ethical and morally important and more important. Cosmetics has the advantage that you can harmoniously connect the "beautiful" (Beauty, Products) with the useful (donation). Cosmetics is fun, and that should "donate" and give back to others.


Your own company with added value for society, this is our drive.

We think, that every company a social construct is. We also believe that companies should return a part to society and those who are not so good. Taxes are one, but real social responsibility goes much further ... That's why we founded Give Back Cosmetics.

We see ourselves as a digital platform for charitable organizations and their mission.


our philosophy

As you can see, more and more companies are created in Germany in recent years, the one Social contribution and return to society. We try to make the world in which we live a little bit better. That sounds like a great job, but how did John Lennon once said ... "You May Say, I'm a Dreamer. But I'm not the only one ... "