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Street Cats Rescue


The sad situation of street cats in Spain

Each year, more than 120,000 cats are exposed in Spain. Many of them die as they are not accustomed to life on the street, others manage to adapt. The main cause of death of cats in Spain is one-sleepingin animal shelters. These are overcrowded, can simply not absorb/supply the large number of exposed animals and-in contrast to the situation in Germany-they are allowed to leave the animals to which they can no longer take care of them. Although this is becoming less and less practicable, there is still a possibility.

In order to improve the situation of these street cats, which often live in colonies a little, many so-called 'protectoras', non-profit clubs such as Street Cats Rescue in Conil de la Frontera, Spain, and also private individuals, have accepted these cats.

What can you do?

The most promising approach to improving the location of the road cats, and which is also followed by Street Cats Rescue, are so-called TNR projects in combination with 'trap-and-remove', i.e., adoptions or-in hopeless cases-euthanasia.

In detail, this looks like cats, who have adapted so much to life on the street, that they can no longer be used to a life with people, captured, castrated, treated with a worm ur and then left out again in the same place. Sick cats, who cannot be treated and pose a danger to the health of the other cats, are being assailed. And tame cats and kittens will be picked up and supplied by Street Cats Rescue until we find a new, loving home for them.

The work of Street Cats Rescue

Our work, which is financed exclusively by donations and is carried out by a small group of volunteers, includes:

The supply of 3 controlled catzcolonies in Conil (daily feeding and, if required, veterinary treatment of approx. 120 cats). In so called 'controlled' colonies are all cats castrated (as a sign for castration, the left ear is marked with a small triangular cut) and any new access is immediately identified and brought to castration.

TNR/castration programmes. In part, we are on the road ourselves, sometimes spend hours until a cat has gone into the trap and can be brought to castration. Since this work cannot be 'difficult' in the true sense of the word, however, it can be time-consuming, we are actively trying to involve the local population in this work. We give you advice and advice on all the traps and transport boxes. Fortunately, there are more and more residents of Conil, who are helping to do this work.

Adoption programme: In 2020, we saved a total of over 100 kittens and cats from the road, and found a new home for them. Many of these cats were picked up by the roadside or even rescued from trash cans, some just a few days old (i.e. we had to raise them for the first time 3-4 weeks with the bottle). And this year, it doesn't look much different, although we actually wanted to put our focus on the TNR projects. In the meantime, we have over 40 kittens in our care, all of which are looking for a home.

In order to finance this work, we urgently need donations. Our regular local fundraising events are not enough to cover the cost of food, cat litter, castration and, above all, the animal health care. Many of the cats we find on the road are in poor condition and often need long-term treatments and several veterinary visits. Even the smallest amount can help: with only 13 euros we can vaccinate a small kitten against cat snuff/disease.

You can find out more about our work on Facebook, Instagram and on our website. Thank you very much for your support in the form of a loud Miaus from our cats and kittens.

You can find more information about the donation partner "Street Cats Rescue" at the following link: www.streetcats-rescue.org/de

Do you have any questions about this organisation? Write us an email at: donations [ at]giveback-cosmetics.de