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Our donation to the environmental protection action community endangered species (AGA) e.V. (Project Environmental Education)

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Action Community Species Protection (AGA) e.V. (Project Environmental Education)


The problem

Worldwide, countless animal and plant species are acutely threatened with extinction. Quite different reasons lead to this, but often the human being contributes significantly to the fact that more and more species are disappearing from our planet. This is usually done unintentionally. Many are not aware that they too, through their actions, for example, through their consumption behavior, contribute to the extinction of species.

Environmental education helps to protect endangered species

As a rule, we only protect what we know. However, not only in Germany, many children have already become alien to native animal and plant species and ecological relationships. This is often the case for the children in the project regions of the AGA. For this reason, the AGA is committed to increased environmental education work in Germany and its other project regions. The main focus is on project-related environmental education programmes, which specifically help to bring children, young people, but also adults at risk of threatened species and the importance of their protection closer.

Exhibitions and teaching materials

The exhibitions of the AGA on topics such as the protection of elephants, sea turtles or cheetah, lead children, young people and adults to global ecological relationships and threats to biodiversity and motivate them to use their own behaviour, e.g. when shopping or on holiday, to use sustainably for the protection of species and the environment. The exhibitions of the AGA are free of charge in Germany. To this end, the AGA provides pedagogues and multipliers with different environmental education materials in children's and youth work. The materials are designed in such a way that non-technical persons can also use them. The materials include "Bastelbücher", "Puzzles" and "Ausmalbilder", "Recipes" or "Tea Guide". By spreading the educational materials and showing the exhibitions at schools, trade fairs or other events, you can draw attention to the topic of species protection, so that as many people as possible will learn how each one of us can contribute to the species and nature protection and thus become involved in a livable future.

What makes the Action Community Species Protection (AGA) e.V.

The Action Community Species Protection (AGA) was founded in 1986 as an association and its commitment has always been unbroken. Today, AGA operates internationally in order to promote the protection and conservation of nature, to strengthen environmental awareness and to prevent the destruction of the livelihood of humans, animals and plants.

The projects of the AGA include, among other things, the protection of sea turtles, elephants, cheetah, koalas, brown bears or dwarf penguins. The AGA is thus active in countries such as Kenya, Namibia, Australia, Romania or Germany. In order to show children, young people, but also adults, how important the protection of our environment and threatened species is, the topic of environmental education has a very high priority for the AGA.

Further information about the donation partner " Action Community Species Protection (AGA) e.V. (Project Environmental Education) " can be found under the following link: www.aga-artenschutz.de

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