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Paulinchen initiative for children injured by fire e.V.


A fire wound remains on the skin and in the soul.

One brief moment is enough and it's done. Incineration or consumption in childhood is one of the most common causes of accidents in children under five years old. For many families, a long process of pain, surgery, rehabilitation, scar repair and psychological treatment follows.

More than 30.000 children are treated for burns and burns every year in Germany. More than 6.000.Children and adolescents are so badly injured that they have to remain stationary. Such an accident changes the life of the entire family.

Paulinchen initiative for children injured by fire e.V.

has been accompanying families with children and young people affected by fire since 1993. The large network of competences enables an ideal and individual treatment and adviceYeah. In addition to free telephone advice on the Hotline 0800 0 112 123 Paulinchen supports families with children injured by fire at events such as the Paulinchen seminar or the Youth Week and promotes the personal exchange of experiences among families and with experts. Our goal is to achieve the best possible care for each child injured by fire individually! The Paulinchen office is headquartered in Norderstedt and operates with six volunteers and many volunteers nationwide for families with burnt-out children and in prevention.

Watch out!

Only those who know the dangers can protect their child from them. Prevention is an important concern of Paulinchen e.V., in order to protect children from major accidents. Experts estimate that about 60% of all accidents can be avoided by enlightenment. With various prevention campaigns Paulinchen e.V. warns against the dangers of hot liquids, surfaces, fire, electricity, acids and fireworks. This is done by the association, among others, every year on the 7th. In December "Day of the injured child" Off.

For more information about the association Paulinchen e.V., please visit the following link: www.paulinchen.de

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