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Recovery of the forgotten forests in our ocean

We all think of the deforestation and the devastating disappearance of forests on land, from the clearing of the Amazon to forest fires in southern Europe and Siberia. But something similar happens in the ocean completely out of our view and destroys the sea vegetation and our "forgotten forests".

Many algae forests are simply completely disappeared, destroyed by pollution, heat waves within the ocean and other factors. They covered most coasts in temperate climates. They are threatened by Antarctic to Australia, Canada and Norway, as our planet is catapulted towards ever faster environmental destruction.

However, the restoration of these forests could be a crucial step to curb climate change and limit the loss of biodiversity in the ocean.


Sea salvoy is given too little attention, but these plants can reverse the oversee in our oceans, build exhausted fish stocks and intercept at least five times more efficient carbon than tropical forests. At the same time, the total area is along our coasts in the northern and southern hemisphere, where the sea is so shallow that sunlight penetrates into the sea vegetation and can get them about as big as all the tropical forests in the world.

The cultivation or recovery disappeared algae forests is a practicable way to help nature curb climate change.

Our ocean makes up almost two-thirds of worldwide carbon sinks, and algae forests as well as seagrass and mangroves are important ecosystems in this process. They all need attention urgently.

What makes seaforesters

Seaforester aims to reverse the alarming disappearance of algae forests in the world to secure the important role of the oceans in carbon binding, to get fish stocks and secure the well-being of the planet.

For this purpose initiates, manages and promotes seafores worldwide projects for resupy of algae. The devastating loss of marine algae unfolds without significant public awareness. To close this gap, Seaforester wants to inform the public as well as the science, politics and economy through the far-reaching benefits of sea salow.

The mission is simple: restore the forgiving forests in our ocean.

Further information about the donation partner "Seaforester" can be found under the following link: http://seaforester.org/

Do you have any questions about this organization? Write us a mail at: donate [at] giveback-cosmetics.de